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Well done. A lot of callings. Brainstorming idea on monday, 2nd.August, 24 hours later the truth - he will come to help us for fightinmg to save the East Side Gallery. Posing in front of the importing picture "The Wall" on East Side Gallery. more: East Side Blog.

We, the artists, demand that the following actions be taken immediately:

- Apply for the recognition of the East Side Gallery as being a world heritage site by UNESCO. This will be a task for the next fifteen years.

- Include the East Side Gallery in the Berlin Wall Foundation.

- Immediate halt of the construction work being done on Mr. Hinkel's property. Every day changes are being made that cannot be reversed. The politicians have to wake up and confess to what they have allowed to happen thus far. The only monument of German reunification is progressively being destroyed. It attracts up to 5000 people from all over the world per day. The city government cannot continue to ignore the national significance of this memorial site. If Berlin is unable to act, the Federal Government must help accordingly. (Blog)

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