East Side Gallery
Mühlenstraße von der Oberbaumbrücke
bis zum Ostbahnhof (ca.1300 m)

Personal Guided Tours of the East Side Gallery

Experience a tour of the wall through the eyes of tour guides who were authentic witnesses of its history.

Größere Kartenansicht


Listen to stories that reveal why the East Side Gallery is a special site in Berlin, of events that occurred at this historic piece of the wall, and to anecdotes of the artists. Professional insiders of the Artists Initiative of the East Side Gallery will share their own experiences with you, thereby offering a vivid lesson in history.

We offer visitors to the East Side Gallery:

Various Guided Tours:
-History of the East Side Gallery
-About the artists of the East Side Gallery
-Restoration and repair of the East Side Gallery

We may also organize a personal meeting with an artist from the East Side Gallery.
Group size min. 10 / max. 35 visitors
Duration: appx. 90 minutes
Prices: 10-16 People – 15 euros/person
17-25 People 250 euros/group
26-35 People 300 euros/group

Extras: Meeting an artist 50 euros
Guidance in English and French is available upon request

School group prices:
4 euros/student , 8 euros/teacher (at least 100 euros)

Ideal class size is 20-25 people, max. 35 people.

Please e-mail your application for a guided tour to
info@eastsidegallery-berlin.com with the following information:

-Telephone number/mobile
-Group size
-Date and time of tour
-Type of tour (history, artists, restoration)

The fees you pay will go towards the Artists Initiative of the East Side Gallery.
We will be happy to provide you with a donation receipt.