Since 1996, this organization has worked to sustain the East Side Gallery. All of the artists who participated in creating images on the wall are members of this organization, unless they objected to joining it. Their interests to protect their images and preserve the East Side Gallery are represented by the Board.


Afterwards, the activities oft he previous board were approved and a new board was elected. The following changes were made: in addition to the artists, paying members can also become a part of the organization. Sabine Lünert und Jörg Weber became members because they have volunteered for the organization for years. The new board is comprised of the following members:


Chairman: Kani Alavi

Vice-Chairman: Thierry Noir, Andy Weiss

Members: Ursula Wünsch, Kasra Alavi

Treasurer: Sabine Lünert

Press/Secretary: Jörg Weber

In 2009, a major goal was accomplished. One hundred of the images on the wall were repainted by the artists. However, there is still the remaining problem of graffiti. Each artist involved, is encouraged to report this vandalism to the police, so that the public becomes aware that this monument is to be respected. The organization has succeeded in raising annual funds to remove graffiti.