located in public space, is publicly accessible around the clock . - Special tours can be booked here.


Located at the Mühlenstraße in Berlin Friedrichshain.
longest open air gallery in the world with 1,316 meters
formed part of the border between East and West Berlin
emerged : Feb. - Sep. 1990 - renovated : Feb. - Sep. 2009


101 large format images painted directly on the wall are for the joy of came down of the wall , for the overcoming of the Iron Curtain in Europe, the euphoria over the peace -won freedom of the persecution, spying and lack of freedom, the hope for a better, more human society. For personal stories, hopes and dreams .


The East Side Gallery is understood as a monument to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the peaceful resolution of boundaries and conventions between companies and people. More than 3 million visitors come to the East Side Gallery every year. In addition, the East Side Gallery is still the only authentic monument of reunification for over twenty years.