How you can help us...

Sixteen years of work and dedication have finally become fruitful. The entire East Side Gallery was restored in 2009! Support the restoration and long-term preservation of this historically and artistically unique site. Every day, over two thousand tourists come to visit the gallery. We want to install on this site an InfoPoint for exhibitions, information, artist meetings, and merchandise that can be purchased by the visitors.


Your donations will help us to preserve the East Side Gallery as a permanent monument in Berlin. Donation receipts will be available to you.


Would you like to support the East Side Gallery by becoming a sponsor? We offer sponsors several options to engage with. You have the choice between a project-based sponsorship, e.g. for a specific event, the protection of certain segments of the wall, the publishing of catalogs, etc., or a more general sponsorship called the 'East Side Gallery Package'. Depending on the project and the amount you sponsor, we offer to print your name on flyers, posters, t-shirts, wall guides, the internet, press releases, newsletters, etc. For more information and consultation feel free to contact us.

Visitors to the wall per day: 2000+

Visitors to the internet site per day: 3000-10,000


Kani Alavi
0172 3918726

Please send your cheque with your name and address to the account of the Artists Initiative East Side Gallery eV:

Konto: Deutsche Bank
Kontonummer: 3233129    Bankleitzahl: 100 70024