13.08.1961 Erection of the Berlin Wall
  09.11.1989 Opening of the wall in Berlin and in between East and West Germany

Reunification of the two German states


Creation of the East Side Gallery between the bridge Oberbaumbrücke and the East railway station Ostbahnhof


Decay of images on this section of the wall begins

  Partial restoration of the paintings on the wall by the artists
  04.1996 Beginning of the Artists Initiative of the East Side Gallery e.V.
  2000 Restoration and repair of 333 m of the wall. The artists begin the reconstruction of the original paintings.
  2002 The beginning of annual measures being taken to clean and protect the concrete
  2003 The beginning of planning an East Side Gallery Museum

Cleaning and protection of the wall's concrete.

  01.2005 The federal government provides funding to restore and maintain the East Side Gallery.

The foundation Deutsche Klassenlotterie grants 995,000 euros towards the reconstruction of the images that form the East Side Gallery – beginning from November 9th

  04.2009 The start of repairing 105 images on the wall – lasting until October 30th

The launch of the event 100 Days of Vernissage under the umbrella of governing mayor Klaus Wowereit. This event lasted from May 24th until August 31st, to support the repairs.

  03.2013 The wall is in danger of being destroyed due to the removal of segments for the Brommy Bridge and a luxury apartment building. This garners a lot of backlash from the community and over 6000 demonstrators show up to protest against this measure. Participants - Mediaspree versenken | change.org | Künstlerinitiative